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DAYS 1 - 3 (Jan 2 - 4):

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 1 Monday, Replay Recording Available Now - Dr. Robert Pease: Numerological forecast for the year, plus this is the year of the "personal number" - learn more and apply your personal numbers here

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 2 Tuesday, Replay Recording Available Now - Marilyn Alauria: Internationally Recognized Clairvoyant Psychic Medium amazing insights for 2023, plus a free overview of 2022 and 2023, and a Channeled message for 2023.

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 3 Wednesday, Replay Recording Available Now  Christy Whitman: The renowned healer and coach is channeling messages from The Council of Light, delivering insights for 2023. (As good as Abraham Hicks!)

DAY 4 & 5 (Jan 5 & 6) Double Features:

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 4a Thursday, Replay Recording Available Now - Laurie Reyon: Our resident Animal Communicator is delivering a channeled message from the whales and dolphins for 2023. Prepare to be moved and inspired.

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 4b Thursday, Replay Recording Available Now - Dee Wallace: Powerful Channeler, Quantum Healer, Actress, and Author (she's nailed ALL her predictions of Predictions Week of 10 year, catch this one!).

Click HERE for ACCESS...  5a Friday, January 6th Replay Recording Available Now - Thomas John: One of the most accurate mediums I have ever come across, you will be blown away as he works with individuals bringing in messages from the other side. 

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 5b Friday, January 6th, Replay Recording Available Now - Mary A. Hall: Mary is known as the "Queen of Abundance," and she is delivering a profound and deeply transformational 2023 Quantum Healing recalibration. If you want money, health, and wellbeing, be sure to attend Mary's session.

DAY 6 (Saturday Jan 7) Double FEATURE:

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 6a Saturday, January 7th, Replay Recording Available Now - Keri Fulmore: Health Preparation for 2023 + Medical intuitive personal sessions. If you want to boost your health this year, this is the session to catch!

Click HERE for ACCESS... Saturday, January 7th, Replay Recording Available Now - Tori Hartman: Powerfully accurate life-changing Oracle Reader and Intuitive, Tori will be sharing her perspective on 2023 as she also delivers deeply transforming Oracle readings using her own Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards. 


Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 7a Sunday, January 8th, Replay Recording Available Now - Jennifer McLean: Psychic and healer, get ready for a power-packed session of sound magic with the Sound Vibration for 2023, PLUS Psychic Speed Reading AND the Attunement of 2023!

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 7b Sunday, January 8th, Replay Recording Available Now - Maria Verdachi: Powerful medium she'll bring through from the other side what's coming for 2023 and you will be able to raise your hand and speak to loves ones past. AMAZING

Click HERE for ACCESS... Day 7c Sunday, January 8th Replay Recording Available Now -- Brian Seth Hurst: Exceptionally Accurate Psychic, you have a chance to receive your personal psychic messages for 2023.
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Predictions Week Session 1
Replay Recording
Dr. Robert Pease: Numerological 2023 Forecast
Numerology for 2023… it's an extraordinary year.

7 year… 2+0+2+3=7 permeates the year.

Personal number is your month+day+2023 = personal year.

In Pythagorean 7 is the ultimate number… the philosopher stone, merlin magician energy… the deeper of what is under our standing. It is about digging deeper but not in a burdensome way. It’s a quest year. Time to set an intention for the adventure we desire. It is ultimately a journey year.

The themes are: truth, wisdom, inquisitiveness, and the desire to learn and grow. It is a time of study ad exchange of ideas. Expect clearer, transparent conversations.

2023 is a year of introspection introverts will love this year. Extraverts can reflect the inner out through the moment. You can leverage what you learned from the past. We will gain more present awareness to guide us in new thoughts in our daily life.
7 = practical creativity and putting the pieces together. Now we can take what we’ve experienced and know what to do with it. Put the tapestry together and see, “Ah ha, that’s why.” Take the “scratching head moments” and now understand what they are about.

7 will ask you to slow down more and gain a footing in your lives, finding a new rhythm. We can now slow down and bit and breathe.

White rabbit year under Chinese numerology. Gain a deeper perspective. An opportunity to gain new ways of thinking and acting. Polishing the edges buff it up.

Take the what’s and whys and now apply them. More developed. The illusion of the maze will be revealed in a larger view and not cramped in, isolated, alienated, and alone. Freer movement into divine blessings.

7 is also the “god number,” tapping into the divine is available to us this year.

This is also the year of science and research… newer technologies. The year finished with the discovery of fusion… it is a HUGE discovery that will be expanded through this year. This takes us WAY beyond the electric car… for pure 100% unlimited clean, sustainable energy. There will be cancer breakthrough blossoming of technological improvements that will genuinely help. These new technologies are now coming through in ways that support humanity and the planet (not just for profit). There is more focus on abundance Vs lack and scarcity.

The birth of the feminine happened in 2000, so those born after that have the intuitive code of the feminine embedded in them. This means as they are in their early twenties now, they will influence the focus on supportive, compassionate movements. For example, the green movement will be amplified.

444, there was a sacred pause that was brought out in one of the sessions, and Dr. Robert brought forward that it happened at 4:44. That repeating number reminds us of the calmness of the earth energy part of nature grounded in the material of what we are standing on. All is well, and we are supported and guided with each step. We are in the right place and right time.

The session work was remarkable and included:

-- Moving and career move… tap into your internal resources in this 7 year. What activates you, what are your passions, and moving away from lessons and instead into understanding. Letting go of “what do I have, how much, is it ok” scarcity thinking… moving into a leap of faith. Developing a new posture.

-- Architect of dreams, envisioning yourself as the master architect of your dreams. New beginnings knowing already that what is happening in our desires has already been created in hyperspace. Simply follow the breadcrumbs to bring it to fruition. Be in joy and peace and happiness… knowing you are walking in the direction of your prayer “amen” means so be it. Be consciously aware of your intention and not the fears or toxicity, etc. don’t take that in. “I am walking in the direction of my best and highest good.”

-- Connect to what you value most this year. Playing also with the love not just giving but also equal amounts of receiving. Discovering how you want to experience your life, getting clear on that. Bring play into your life, activating the shamanic energies in your play, music, and drumming.

-- Totally body heal. 7-year is inward; focus inward to receive it from the universe and the world around you. Ho’oponopono serves us as we serve others too. Natural-born healers don’t necessarily need to learn this; they can vibrate this inward AND out into the world. AND receive, knowing all is well in your universe. Seeing yourself whole perfect, and complete.

And much more… WOW! What a GREAT start to this powerful year and Predictions Week 2023.

If you want a personal Session with Dr Robert for $400 off AND receive monthly live calls and an archive of amazing coaching, then: GO HERE to check out and invest in his off-the-charts special offer (WOW, head slap).
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Predictions Week Session 2 Marilyn Alauria 
Replay Recording
Creation, Adventure, Joy...
Marilyn started by sharing that in 2023, it’s time to “raise your hand in your life…” telling the universe you're ready and want to be seen. We have shifted into incredible energies this year. So now you have the support to become an active participant in your life. Walk in your destiny. It may not be comfortable at times, but you will be presented with opportunities when you do.

Marilyn shared her story of claiming, “I’m going to 10X my life,” and dramatic changes happened. It was a little messy and seemingly challenging.

This year you are no longer able to hide and retreat from what’s meant for you. It’s time to live in your light. If you don’t do that, poverty, illness, and lack may be showing up to nudge you more; it is a moment to move and change.

2023 is also a year of adventure. This is the year to put in your calendar things you’ve wanted to do and then do them. And move into conscious joy. (And add in fun!) If you want to do something or go somewhere, yet don’t have the funds… use YouTube, books, and shows that put you in that energy.

Let’s get into creation. The word this year is “creation” - everything outside of us is a product of our mindset and how we feel about ourselves. If you want to change the things that are showing up in your life… take an inventory… “was that a choice I made aligned with my truth?” Whatever shows up is getting you ready for a greater opportunity.

Marilyn also shared that there is power this year in prayer-in-partnership, in co-creation, and in surrender. Something bigger and greater is coming toward you; trust, believe, and be ready. Find a ritual around this and practice it daily.

Listen for the internal intuitive prompts to learn what you need to create what you want.

The other words for the year are “adventure” and “joy.” We have to create our own joy. Joy has been missing recently as we have grieved and mourned what hasn’t happened. There is the opportunity this year to change, REALLY create something different, bring in actual joy, and create something new from it.

A CHANNELED TOOL: Use your own starlight to dissolve the block in front of you. WOW! Magic is at our fingertips.

Take center stage and live a meaningful life. Have goals but without expectations. And carry the adventure, joy, creation energy through the year… engage your imagination through.

January is about discipline, focus, and doing what you intend.

February is leaping forward; imagine what that might need and take the leap.

March is planting seeds, playing with joy and adventure, and creation.

Get clear now about what you want to plant in March that will create accelerated growth and fertility.

The Session work was absolutely incredible and accurate; many readings happened before the participants asked a question (WOW!).

-- Page of pentacles, angel holding star… you’ve done the work, now look to further work in spiritual guidance as a calling. You’ve done the soul work and it’s time to move into the Queen and King (in Tarot). The calling is so great, and how to start… take small action-oriented steps every single day. Ignore the “how” and go with the flow.

-- How do I move forward? Creating new habits. Star card is about vulnerability, transparency, shifting, expanding, and opening consciousness. It's about study and accelerating growth. Learning something and putting it into action. While also watching stress levels, and doing breathing exercises and yoga to deal with that. 20 minutes a day is only about you. Pay attention to nature and let it communicate to you. Fairy realm is 3rd eye energy, which is clairvoyant.

-- Throat chakra is about speaking truth to self and clairaudience. Trusting your intuition. “I am” discourses… spiritual texts that want to speak to you. You have walked many spiritual lives… it’s time to discover what it is that you want to share this lifetime. You have the ability to move mountains if you believe it… it’s time to embody this and know that you won’t be persecuted for it. Not receiving support… look virtually as well. Seek the higher consciousness of others. Find the community where you're at.

-- Career change and ways to bring in money… Embody the energy of living in freedom. Model your energy based on whom you admire in the world. It’s time to trust your intuition.

-- Trust the light coming out of you… be the “light talker.” What 5 things do you want to do, and how you would like to do it? Ask in your dreams what you want to shift and use those messages to change and to move into what’s next. Take ownership of the star inside and own it more before she is helping others… find the new identity anchored inside to move from that before you move into the more familiar. How to take care of yourself even in the old scenarios that were stressful.

Don’t wait to do tomorrow what you can do today… Change happens when we create change.

Catch yourself in the moment of the unconscious false thought and dysfunctional pattern.

If you want to play with Marilyn to connect to your Soul that creates a congruent solid expression in this life, this is your chance with her SASS program. CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll.

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Predictions Week Session 3 Replay Recording
The Lightworkers WIN  in 2023
Christy Whitman Channeling the Council Of Light 
The Council shared that for 2023… You are the ones in the playground… when you start seeing it as a playground and not a struggle, and move into getting out of victim and into light… and know yourself to be the divine creator… you can now play instead of suffer.  

In 2023, you can access all the support you have available: You have a stadium of light supporting, guiding, and loving you. Each of you has a stadium of light. Some may only see a small version… yet you can allow it in that your stadium is the biggest of the biggest. There is every possible guide here to help with every situation… you have access, and all you need right now is available to help you. Nothing is ever missing.

You are created in the blueprint of wellness and wholeness, love, and support.

They shared a prediction of more of you clicking into place and moving above victim and into abundance, leaving lack behind. More understanding that “I have a voice,“ and use that to ask for what you want and let in what you desire.

The vibration of The Council opened for all of us to heal and transform.

It is time to move from the consciousness of drudgery, suffering, and pain… and now live in joy by releasing the beliefs and patterns of pain and suffering. And know that any perception of pain or suffering is a gift - the opportunities are real in the challenges. “THEY” are pushing my buttons and causing upset… once you release and heal this, on the other end of it you become free of the stuck energy.

The pain body dissolves into your love body.

The Council shared an analogy: If you have 100 units of consciousness (yet it is actually infinite), 80% of consciousness in abundance will be reflected in your circumstance. There is 20 units of consciousness that can pop up, and you have the capacity (the 80%) to change those challenges and heal that. Getting out of victim… each observation of it that doesn’t feel good is now a way to move it forward by flipping it into the light body.

That 80% that we now are in (this group in particular… as light workers) are able to really create something quite nascent and new in our lives and in the world.

In 2023, for this subgroup of light workers… all the light you have been giving out and shifting that upset into light, all of you have had shifts and belief work you have done… all is opening up this year and reward for that service and work.

You can now consciously open up to the portal energy…

The Council did a powerful process that allowed us to move into compassion that neutralizes the stuckness. We can move into neutrality. SO AMAZING.

The secret is: If you feel good, you are in alignment.

The session work was absolutely remarkable and included:

-- How to manage a challenging boss… feeling powerless because of them. We just want them to do what we want and follow our script. When you have a contrast like this, it is the best moment of your transformation. Also, watch yourself labeling and judging instead of allowing compassion for yourself to create a connection with them (no matter what that is). These reflections are pain points in YOU. Your own compassion will help to resolve this. What do you want them to do differently? Then you do that for yourself. The Council then gave a powerful formula… so practical and potent.

-- Holding ourselves back. What would it feel like if all parts of us were on board. Noticing which parts of us are “tethering” us. Change the language: “I am willing to move forward,” following the split energy. Is it a thought? Change the thought. If it’s a physical upset, change find ways to shift that.

-- Financial security, even if it’s ok now, what about tomorrow? That is ancestral beliefs that are still impacting us.

And MUCH More.

Check out Christy's amazing LIVE HEALING SESSION with The Council as part of her special offer GO HERE to check Christy Live 

We had a slight miscommunication with Christy, and she had to leave early (apologies). So Jennifer stayed on and did another 40 minutes of “speed Reading” psychic readings that created wonderful moments and momentum of healing and transformation for all who listened. (Totally worth catching). Several times the Turn On Your Healing Modality program came up… you can GO HERE to access this program, or take the “Which Healer Type Are You” Quiz HERE.
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Thursday, Jan 5 Double Feature On Replay...

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Predictions Week Session 4a Replay Recording
Year of the Mystic
Laurie Reyon: Our Resident Animal Communicator
Laurie has been listening carefully to her guides and who she channels for Predictions Week.

Laurie’s higher self came through first: 2023 will bring all to move into their hearts and open to love, and many, many, more can now fully awake. There will be a deeper emergence of beauty, and a profound sense of oneness will emerge from where we have been. Since 2017, warring and fear was dominant, and it is now completing.

This is a year we can dare to do the things we only dreamed of. Those that have been honorable and in integrity in recent years will be supported and receive accolades. Those who have been in corruption, unkind, and lacking integrity will not enjoy what they have sown, and the unpleasantness of what they will now reap this year will be more front and center. We have entered a time where we experience what we have created.

2023 will bring prosperity and pride in work well done. Yet, you must be very clear with what you want. And follow through with integrity and perseverance. 

This is a time to focus on your own well-being. 

2023 will be a time of deep introspection, associated with the path of ancient mysticisms allowing you to know your soul's mission even more. More people will choose the awakening of their souls. 

This is a time to get in touch with your emotions and trust your intuition, naturally opening your partnership with your soul. Making conscious decisions now for conscious creation. It does take commitment to choose this. It is a brave undertaking to do this daily.

Petty fights start to diminish. The winter solstice 2022 started a new cycle. Establishing and time to create a foundation of deep self-love and freedom. The collective is the new power. Patriarchy is dissolving and the old status quo is over.


Master Cat Puddah came through next (delivering a new life map):

2023 will be the year of the mystic. This is a 7-year, an ascension year, meaning dimensional change. This is the beginning of the end of cruelty, with the divine feminine now grounded in. This will bring the opening of hearts and compassion, and the release of fear.

These energies support a time of wisdom and new opportunities. Honoring diversity and commonalities.

There is an opportunity to rediscover the inner mysteries and the light within. It’s time to remove yourself from hardship, pain, and negativity, and now live in the light and connect to your higher self.

2022 was a builder year, creating a new foundation… which is now in place. It’s time to take flight from this platform to the higher energies, while balancing the unity vibration in our bodies and life.

Do NOT fear the changes!

New scientific discoveries and new infrastructures within society will be formed. Transformation and transcendence are the operative words for 2023.

January 21’s new moon is a great time to launch your new intentions… Aquarian portal is opening on that day. Use the 1st three weeks of January to heal and to be free to embrace the new portal energy.

January is a powerful month to release the misaligned. We no longer need to be freed, saved, or fixed… this is liberation from the control of others. Live your life in freedom as spirit in form. No one but you can hurt you when you are in these energies… therefore you will stop creating harmful interactions.

This is also a time of liberation of all core values. You are greater than any thought you have created. Your mind may not be comfortable with this freedom. It has been feeling falsely safe within the fear and control. Now tap into your “spirit self” and connect to the heart. Retrain your mind to work in harmony with the heart; finding trust and love will prevail in thought, word, and deed.

Notice and ask yourself daily: “Am I allowing myself to be free in all ways?”

Pause and move into your heart before you speak, “Am I fully speaking my soul intention in compassion?”

Are you expressing heartfelt gratitude for your blessing daily? Knowing that even the darkness you have created for the transformation, it is delivered.


And then the cetacean “elders,” whales and dolphins, came through.

The whales are the elders and have been here longer than anyone else, our quantum ancient cousins. Offering galactic stewardship to the planet and humanity. Keeper of the Akashic record encoded in the oceans of the earth.

Ask for an upgrade in the personal recalibration of our DNA. You must ask for this (they can’t help without it).

Move into your memories and remember your first soul plan with the incarnations stored in your DNA… and can now be recalibrated.

In 2023, all is becoming faster, including manifestation… this is a great shift of the ages. You are becoming more as a conscious creator integrating the new energies.

Old competition and a sense of being unworthy can be released. As we move up vibrationally, we find harmony, love, bliss, and joy. Choose to experience this transition in this very session with the dolphin's help.

Take time to find the moment of neutrality no matter what shows up in your life.

In 2023 there is a new Global operating system of light offering a rebirth… many will remember who they are beyond their human form.

Negative energy will become more and more intolerable, and those stuck and blocked will be nudged until they move.

Ask; “If I were living the life of my dreams, what would that be like, who would I be living with, what would I be doing?” You are living in a world of unlimited potentiality. Move your energy regularly into visualization. Open your hearts and belief systems to more than what you want.

Choose to NOT be overwhelmed. The name of the game is: Observation vs. Judgment. The lower self becomes overwhelmed by change; the higher self is unmoved. Changes are part of the universe and are here to support you. Your soul chooses this, and you can use the support here to find neutrality in these changes.

The actual sounds of the whales and dolphins were played to support the healing of the body. And the whales then recalibrated us (pretty cool).

The sessions work was profound and our pets brought through the following messages:

-- Simplify creating flow in thoughts, words, deeds, and activities.

-- There are no predators or victims; there is only conscious and unconscious choices. Everything is in its right place. At any time, you can choose something different. Claiming: “I’m making peace with where I am right now.”

-- Prosperity challenges: Every time I say the word “fear,” it is the opposite of love; start noticing the fear in all areas of your life. Fear is a lack of self-love and worthiness… There is conscious creation and unconscious creation. Truth is that we are powerful beyond imagination.

-- You cannot love God/source/Divinity more than you love yourself. It’s time to love yourself. Leave the mind behind and have the heart guide your life. The mind is like a computer; it is not the decision maker… the heart is where the solutions come from. From the heart, the universe will bring out the solution every time.

-- Solution energy is not difficult.

WOW remarkable session!

To check out Laurie's amazing bundle of mysticism, GO HERE (it's worth a look)
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Predictions Week Session 4b Replay Recording
Direct Your Energy - Justice will Prevails
Dee Wallace Powerful Channeler, Quantum Healer & Actress
Dee and The Channel started with the following: Part of creating our life is about surrounding ourselves with the top people and leaders, and that is what is available for you in Masterworks Healing membership.

According to The Channel, we have free will and can direct our energy. We direct it through our chosen thoughts, feelings, and visions. Your life is showing up in accordance with the belief systems that you have. Uncovering your beliefs is the source of your empowerment. The greatest force in our creation is love. It is the strongest and most powerful tool to create with.

None of the following predictions are definitive because we are in charge of the direction of our consciousness. And as the consciousness of the collective grows and comes together, it can change things. It is very important to consciously create yourself, which creates the world and create the present and future.

Channel’s overview of 2023:

Trump will not regain office and will pass in the next 3 years - he is not healthy. His power is waning.

All injustice is brought to justice everywhere this year. Integrity and honesty will prevail, and those with ill will, criminal, and lying intent will face their justice.

In 2023, love reigns absolutely, and the more we create it, we create a world created through and by love.

People will grow healthier. It could have happened last year, but we focused on fear instead of love. It will be available this year. Go to love to create your health.

There is a psychological fallout for children from the pandemic that will create new therapies and ways of teaching.

Economics of the world will get evened out, and countries will start working together and collaborating more.

2023 is a time to personally get rid of the junk and clean out your home, body, and energy.

Do not focus on congress and the parties; focus only on what you want. Media pulls your attention toward fear. You are responsible for bringing yourself back to love.

The climate is going to get worse. We have about 5 years to turn things around. Climate is a direct result of our anger and selfishness. We must come together, see with faith, and love a better path. 

The Channel is recommending that for this year, focus on self-creation on the whole, plus higher consciousness for the world. It will be a fabulous year if we/you create it that way.

Gun control is not a great year for that… it will be another 2-3 years. That is when the majority of the energy finally says we are not going to do this anymore. Florida will be the catalyst for this because of violence. At the moment, it is 60/40 for guns.

Democracy will reign.

There will be many breakthroughs in healthcare.

AI: AI is us; we program it. We can program it with love and integrity. AI will eliminate some jobs. 

For this year, the biggest challenge in our private lives is breaking the ceiling and going higher than our fear. This applies to every single person in the world. Be the biggest self you can be. This is your freedom. You are the only one holding yourself back.

They suggested… you can’t continue to get somewhere and be there at the same time. Being in lack, being in “wanting” will not get you what you want. “I am rising above that belief in lack and I am breaking the ceiling. The more I have, the more I create, the more I have to share.”

Dee and The Channel then brought ALL of these predictions into an internal and external balance in our power and empowerment. (Quite a potent moment.)

Then The Channel brought forward a few more insights in the moment…

If you don’t think you know how to love yourself… if you have ever loved a pet, then you know how to love… use that empowering choice of love on yourself.

When we focus on grief, we cannot create a life of love. Those who passed do not want you to be in grief for them. They want to be free, and they want us to be free. They want us to go on… they are.

Whatever story is a story you are telling and making it “because of them” - that is you giving away the power of your own creation. Honor the relationships of everything that you are in and with.

The session work was simply miraculous and included…

-- Allowing myself to be more connected with people, romantic and business. Answer: Go to where you’ve experienced it before and bring in the memory and feel it. Feel like that: “I had that positive memory, feeling, experience with XYZ (past person), I can have it in my future.” It starts with us loving ourselves. It’s a constant expansion in the understanding of the energy.

-- 3 health issues just showed up. Answer: All the health challenges were positive because you needed to purge everything at once. False core belief: “I do not have permission to love who I am.” Yet during the experiences of these illnesses, you came forward for yourself and took care of yourself. False Core belief: “I can never be the god of me.” We do not have to have any kind of deterioration in our lives for us to choose to come forward for ourselves. Choose to do it, so we love who we are.

-- Medical system dysfunction… Dee dove into… why are we creating that: you have the power all along. The doctors do not have the power. Know that when we need the help of any kind, it is delivered to us because we direct it that way. CLAIM: “My health is delivered to me, and my health is delivered to me now.”

-- How to find what is next with so many options. Answer: Notice how you direct your energy; “My life is scattered and I can’t focus.” That is a direction of energy creating more of the same. Claiming: Balance. 

-- Some shared on the form that Jennifer is not running the show properly. Jennifer brought it forward (and her reaction to it) as a teaching moment. Dee and The Channel addressed this wonderful opportunity… Regarding the person writing it, it is her belief that creates you perceiving this… Their False Core Belief: You don’t have time for me and I’m leaving you. Jennifer’s reaction reflects a Core False Belief: “I do not know that I am complete.”

-- How I see myself, how I see the world, and how I see the world seeing me.

-- How do Get out of my own way? Answer… (Singing in the rain) represents fun and struggle. You may define joy by struggling. Claim Joy as ease and happiness. Star Wars movie popped in… means fighting for the good. Dad modeled a lot of struggle for the family to be happy.

-- Disorganized from a recent move and overwhelmed… Answer: You are there because you need to BE the balance. You have allowed yourself to be overwhelmed. Claim “I know, and I am clear, I am in balance, I am directing health, wealth, success, and beautiful relationships everywhere in my life.” These are strong directions to energy (not affirmations). Literally, be the frequency of focus. Claim “Everything is so peaceful and manageable, and I know what to do in every minute.”

Just an incredible evening of transformation with Dee.

Dee's incredible offer allows you to create a practice of the many teachings and healings that came through. PLUS, learn about the beliefs and the foundation AND about Genetics. WOW. GO HERE to access this amazing offer.
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Friday, Jan 6 On Replay Recording...

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Predictions Week Session 5a Replay Recording
Thomas John one of the Most Accurate Mediums of Our Time
Thomas started with… This is a year of deep introspection, people taking personal responsibility for your joy and up-leveling their lives to the next level.

Then Thomas dove straight into session work and delivered messages and connections from-the-other-side.

Thomas named the names of loved ones who passed, and participants were shocked at the accuracy (including how they died).

He shared how many challenges with relationships are now resolved on the other side.

Sometimes when they go to the other side, some individual shows up more than others… and then it switched. Fascinating.
Thomas shared about how sometimes our loved ones reach out to us in dreams and how and why they do that.

Thomas shared about how loved ones passed came through and how they try and communicate with us. Like repeating numbers, birds, butterflies, electricity fitzing, etc.

He also addressed adoption, not being close to bio family… what is really going on. You are connected on a spiritual level with all those relatives always. At different times in our lives, they switch out. And they are guiding us to connect.

He shared over and over again that our loved ones are constantly guiding and supporting us.

A very special call that helps us to know we are not alone.

AND Thomas put together a remarkable special offer that includes 2 LIVE upcoming sessions (one on Past Lives) and his famous annual predictions guidebook for 2023. WOW! GO HERE to check that out and invest.

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Predictions Week Session 5b Replay Recording
Quantum Healing Recalibration Into 2023 (WOW!!)
Mary A. Hall "Queen of Abundance" 2023 Abundance Healing
Mary invited and shared a bounty of love, gratitude, and appreciation in contribution with the community, for Jennifer. So lovely.

2023 is this deep theme of great energy of recalibration. 

This recalibration energy is important when we notice this new portal, this “7” year; there is a new capacity for wisdom and truth, and an opening awareness to move us deeper into our truth and heart connection.

She shared that there is an opening to step in and honor the heart… living now from our heart (not our mind). A deeper space of “freedom energy” is surfacing in our lives. 2023 freedom is going to be anchored in more and more throughout the year… and it is way more profound than has been in a long while.

Our soul essence of joy, claiming the sweet joy of life and connection to life and all it delivers, is expanding. There are also new light frequencies… “I am light, I am my soul light essence.” We are recalibrating to that truth… no longer muddling through the old patterns.

This is an energetic frequency of light; Sunbeam light energy is available to us, reminding us of our true divine essence. We are light, and we have the capacity to connect to that and use it to support us.

Mary then took us through the most amazing, sacred Quantum Healing to “healing into 2023,” opening the Healing Portal as a new energy now available to us. That also includes your sacred yes and your sacred no. WOW!!!

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi…Mary added, “because beloved, you are divine love. Love is the space where you can have everything you desire.”

Session Work was profound and potent, and included:

-- What do I need to move forward? Answer: Notice questions asked from your mind. Mary guided us again to the sacred yes and no, and this coaching and healing gave us another version. When you bring in the energy of truth and noticing, you can welcome them and expand them as a result.

-- How to co-create love in all of my life. Answer: Loving myself fully. Mary took us through an exercise to fully love ourselves. Holy wonderment, so cool. Every time you feel love, your cells start to glow. They wake up and are activated. Each sparkle is receiving as much energy as it’s creating. Abundance on all levels is now possible.

-- Big challenge with family dynamics. Answer: Mary did a remarkable divine love saturation quantum healing “love bubble.” If you have ANY family conflicts, listen to this one. Love does not “make happen” or force; love embraces and honors.

-- Physical health issues. Mary activated the trillions of cells to heal the physical body. And there was also a healing of lineage energy that is influencing the physical. Remarkable.

This was a mini sampling of what you would experience in her amazing offer. This is one of the few live offers from Predictions Week Speaker (PLUS 21-Days of remote healing frequency transmissions). WOW! Prepare to deeply recalibrate into a new state of possibility. GO HERE to learn more and enroll now.
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Saturday, Jan 7, On Replay...

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Predictions Week Session 6a Replay Recording
Elevated Health & Life
Keri Fulmore Medical Intuitive Health Preparations for 2023
Keri and her angels and guides shared that this year is jam-packed with beautiful energy… And added that the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body are all being addressed in her overview of the year…

We’ve collectively been through a lot… some are harder to process. In 2023 we are heading into a year of elevated vibration and frequency. There is a new willingness for many to enable real change. This is the year that we can fundamentally shift our energy.

When we turn inward to light up we can then spread that outward and can then create something powerful. If we are willing to move into High-frequency energies available this year, we draw the world we want to see toward us with peace and joy.

Plus, a spiritual cleansing will happen… allowing a deepening into faith and knowing what is really important. People will also naturally be drawn to heart energy and to a higher power. This opens us to getting back to what matters, in faith, and creating something brand new from that. There are also opportunities for true spontaneous healing and creating whole new ways toward health.

The mental and emotional are also inviting in also more cleansing, letting go of the old and magnetizing the good. We can now turn toward what we want from a feeling place to actually create it. There will be more light in the dark and calmness even through world events.

And while there will still be bumps, a deeper faith and a release of what no longer works will be available, creating a shift toward trust and faith. The world is changing, and there is a natural cleansing happening. You will be able to now choose to see the good.

In 2023 a lot of folks will look to strengthening the inner body… tending our inner garden in our body. You will start to focus on “How can I improve the inside” and move toward genuinely caring of our vessel. There will be new insights and yearning toward understanding the body and health. Opening up the flow of body, mind, and spirit.

There will be opportunities to open up our elimination pathways, releasing old toxins. That includes the colon, liver, gall bladder, kidney, and mitochondria. These can get clogged up… if these aren’t working, disease can show up. Dusting the cobwebs off of the energy field creates newfound real well-being.

Intuition will also open up, as these physical pathways are cleared AND will show up in ways that are surprising. Opening you up to spirit working through you in blessed ways.

In general the best focus would be on letting go, cleansing, and elevating our spirit.

The session work was remarkably accurately assessed, and the solutions were so beautiful, practical and included: 
-- 3-year-old Grandson Allergies and issues… ANSWER: Food sensitivities, gut issues. Must strengthen digestion and the microbiome. Good probiotics and some fermented foods mom can eat, and it will go through the breast milk. Speaking to him through storytelling to help him through the emotional upset he's experiencing from the challenge in his parent's relationship. A Tea he could try marshmallow root tea to help digestion. Mom and grandma can focus your intention more toward what’s good. Wayne Dyer's book “Goodby Bumps” to read to him.
-- Hips issues… Answer Karmic releasing. The recent Karmic trigger body is in the letting go period. Upper cervical solutions. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic or NUCCA. Liver and bio flow digestive bitters (St Francis in Canada, Moonshine bitters original flavor) before meal and enzymes with the meal.

-- A whole host of health challenges. ANSWER: open communication, energetic release. Able to be open to communication from and to. Breathwork can address the energy in the spine. Digestions work (gut-brain access) bacterial imbalance. It came in through food. Probiotics and GI Revive Designs for Health (helps build back up mucus membrane addressing the leaky gut) Biocidin will help kill off the bad bacteria.
-- Challenges with not feeling good (live, Lungs, bloating, etc). ANSWER: 1st, “trust your inner voice.” Mold exposures. Getting mold out of the body. Quicksilver has a good mold detox (start slow), and listen to the body to find the right pace. Also, Cordyceps and Astragalus (for lungs), and castor oil packs from the queen of thrones.

-- Right Shoulder and arm debilitating pain. ANSWER: looks like the fascia is super tight on the shoulder. Matrix Repatterning releases trauma out of the body, incredible therapy. ALSO, “expect miracles” pull the energy of love back into your body.

Keri's amazing Cleanse Special Predictions Week offer is a perfect match to what Her angels and guides shared would be available for us. So this is your head start on the year for wealth and well-being. It is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cleanse to open up all the channels of good. WOW! GO HERE to learn more and enroll (I will see you there I just enrolled!)

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Predictions Week Session 6b Replay Recording
Chakra Clearing to Magnetize!
Tori Hartman: Powerfully Accurate Oracle Reader & Intuitive
Tori dove right in and offered an insight about 2023 as a year of “doing the impossible,” really doing the things that others aren’t doing. For this year ask yourself: “What am I willing to do to be where I need to be.”

We are in a mercury retrograde no for a few weeks… it offers a chance to go back over and review what you didn’t look over in the past. It is also no accident that mercury retrograde is starting the year, so many are coming into this work again in other words, “going back over,” but from our perspective now.

Tori mused, how is it 3 years later… we dropped out some actual time since then. We are now open to revisiting old work yet creating it anew.
The biggest value of 2023 is that the energy of money is swirling around all of us this year. It is time to work with magnetizing again. Manifesting = Masculine, Magnetize = feminine energy. The things you have brought to you and receive as magnetized energy stays. Manifested stuff often can’t stick. Magnetizing is receiving; it is time to open the door to let the delivery come in. Money is love, and you’ll never magnetize what you hate. Magnetize is “I invite it in.”

Tori then walked us through the energy of magnetizing… and the chakras are a wonderful way to magnetize. She took us through an incredible meditation that was a semi-self-diagnostic way to see where you might be stuck in your money energy through the chakras. SUPER COOL/A MUST EXPERIENCE!

The session work was lovey and included amazing sessions to magnetize money and included:

-- Calling in a man/relationship. Tori then shared a technique for magnetizing money that will work with relationships too. “Ace of coins” card reversed the first chakra… root is our DNA… beliefs are what are locked in our DNA it is establishing your platform of creation. Create a new belief. Claim: “In this powerful light, I am open to receive; money in far greater amounts are coming to me” (Replace money with whatever word/desire you want). The 1st chakra, you must bring your roots to where you are nourished and past the old patterns.

-- Tori asked to bring forward a single word… it was “eye,” “sight.” Tori then pulled the 4th chakra card, Wheel of Fortune. 4th chakra is love, but love needs a place to go. Create a container to hold and a reason for that to come in. 4th chakra is asking, “are you ready for faith?” Are you ready for spirituality, 4th chakra is the gateway. Creating a container to receive and hold it. A white light pulled away what was no longer needed. Write a letter from your higher self. And am I willing to do what they recommend? 4th chakra means structure is needed in order to create.

-- Issue was eyes and money. Pulled the World card, which is every chakra. All the chakras were deeply supported through Tori’s unique processes. Pretty amazing you will want to listen to this process again and again. You are here to help others, and you experience what you are to do this.

-- It’s been a challenging time with loss. There is a spectrum of chakras. When we have been there, we can help others through it. It has opened you up in a way to see and experience life more, really able to now smell the roses. Money energy 2nd chakra was the card pulled… represents the emotions… when you bring in these emotions will bring all that is unlike itself. Money is the creation, it is the manifestation of something you have done.

What a powerful show!

AND money manifestation through the chakras (at only $47) is Tori's perfectly aligned Predictions Week special offer. 7 short 10-minute meditations to use daily to clear each chakra into magnetizing your now-aligned desires. Price goes up to $127 on Jan 15, so act now and GO HERE to get these miracle chakra mediations at this HUGE discount.

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Sunday Finale, Jan 8, On Replay...

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Predictions Week Session 7a
Jennifer McLean Psychic & Healer Your Sound Frequency for 2023 PLUS Speed Readings AND a 2023 ATTUNEMENT!
We had some technical glitches that had a lot of folks miss this show… apologies; it was out of our control.

We restarted the session, then went nice and long to ensure we caught everything, and SERIOUSLY, it was profound with BIG insights, transformation, and healing.

Jennifer Gave the psychic impression of 2023 (that were also embedded into the Soul Song of 2023. They are:

2023 TRUTH, Truth, truth (& more truth)...
The past several years of the profound change that the pandemic created have revealed the shadow that we are being asked to now heal. All of humanity and every soul on this planet is being nudged into understanding their personal truth. It's a time of sorting out the fearful mind from the truth and the heart's truth. The broader "truth" is also showing up and for some, they will need to make BIG adjustments as we all understand that there is a greater truth of the importance of love, light, and power and what that really is. Expect an abundance of the revelation of the things we had no idea was happening. And it isn't what you think, it isn't some broad conspiracy, it is simply light nudging light forward. Truth is the potency of 2023, and it is going to change a lot of hearts and minds. There will be those that resist and that may cause some conflict... yet the truth of love is the trajectory and will ultimately win incrementally over time.

2023 Power Exalted Through Truth & Love
Truth being the dominant theme will allow those who explore and heal the shadow to be exalted into their power. This power of 2023 is pure divine power, the personal power of individuals simply discovering their natural state of beingness. The individuals with their personal power activated will withstand the "slings and arrows" of those who are afraid of this. These healed-up, power-filled souls will rise up in their families, communities, and some on national stages, modeling what healed-up authentic beingness in their power is like. These individuals will also claim new boundaries and are able to reveal those boundaries in a way that they must be honored by those they are interacting with. They will now understand how to heal themselves even more, how to support themselves cleanly how to be in good shape no matter what is happening, and able to bring that into the world.

2023 New Ways...
New ways of being, new approaches to doing, new inventions and innovations, new perceptions, new understandings, and new truths are the pathway of 2023. There is a progression from the recent years in 2023 to longer allowing repression and suppression in just about all areas of life. This will likely not make the news; this will be subtle but strong. This is incremental and iterative in its expansion. This comes from the bottom up, with within out. This is a step-by-step set of breakthroughs in all areas of life... from cleaner water and addressing climate change in the environment on the global stage to democracy breaking through autocracies around the world. It also includes cleaner thoughts and behaviors on the personal. This is a step-by-step process, progressing to the great truth of love in action. This is the next iteration from last year's energies of: "Real solution energies are here for us. We will see the beginnings of totally new approaches to many things, including changes to systems, ways of thinking, new inventions to handle the challenges, and more." This is divine personal power in action.

Then you will receive the Soul Song of 2023, delivering profound healing to support you through the year.

Then… HERE IS THE HIGHLIGHT… you will receive the “Attunement for 2023,” a special energy key that unlocks dormant energies to support you throughout this year. WOW! REALLY SPECIAL.

This is a MUST LISTEN!

The session work was remarkable and included:

It started with a powerful process addressing a parent’s concern over her son… freeing him from the shackles of worry and allowing both parent and child to move into a whole new energy of possibility. Quite a profound practice that you can apply to multiple life situations.
Then in the next session, we shifted the energies deeply through a “What If …” healing process to allow us to move directly into the energy of what we desire. We created a new neural pathway for that intention and claimed, “I am exactly where I need to be for what’s the next best thing for me.” Super helpful.

Another session allowed us to find peace in the midst of chaos and discover a new place of peace in contribution.
And for those in the midst of a lot of frustration and dysfunction, we moved into a new place through a special healing technique that allowed us to use the upset to genuinely shift the energy (and the pattern), WOW!

We finished the show with a whole bunch of speed readings that also brought forward the most amazing insights, healings, empowerment, and love. These are important to listen to again; you will get so much out of it. 

Jennifer's Social offer takes the 2023 Attunement into the quantum with her Wholeness Attunements Package of 21 Days of Attunements. You'll receive... 7 Attunements for health, 7 more for Money, and 7 more again for relationships (which also help health and money). An incredible opportunity to unlock the power within through the energy keys of transformation! GO HERE to learn more and enroll.
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Predictions Week Session 7b Replay Recording
Be Kind Stop The Self Doubt
Maria Verdachi Powerful Medium Messages From the Other Side About 2023
Maria asked spirit… what do these souls that are part of Predictions Week need, what came through was…

This past year was about paving that path for 2023. A lot of you put in that sweat and hard work and yet wondered if you did the right things. 2023 is about; you did a great job paving the path… don’t overthink it, and keep moving forward.

Overthinking became the focus of what to change in 2023… stop overthinking; change the way you talk to yourself. Be kinder to yourself. Live from the present and not from fear (fear is the past or future). Live much, much, more in the moment this year.

Challenge your thoughts… for example, thoughts like: “I am so lazy.” Stop and ask, am I really lazy? It’s not really real, so get to what’s real. Identifying those fears by being in the moment of fear and really evaluating and addressing the fear (and that may even be false). Journaling this process may be good for providing a reference later as the same patterns show up.

Managing your stress. 2022 was stressful. That impacts health. This year consciously take care, go for walk in nature, do yoga, sing, laugh, it is as simple as that. Also, finding new self-talk that is more compassionate and noticing “aren’t I adorable” in the midst of a pattern… Challenging yourself and your thoughts and being kinder to yourself is the intention and support for 2023.

Maria brought through loved ones passed with wonderful personal messages and support. So beautiful. Highlights included:

-- Work showed up volunteering or another adventure. What your intention is next is opening your intuition. When you follow the nudges, it opens you up. What you love will attract greatness.

-- Address the “self-sabotage” or the “stuck” false perception and take a big breath and ask what's really going on. Ask your guides: “what do I need to see? What do you need to show me to keep moving forward.” Notice those moments, catch them, then change it.

-- Stop doubting yourself and the messages coming in. Release doubt. When we go with the second guess, then sometimes that can go sideways. Sometimes you can ask for a sign that is a billboard sign (and don’t second guess the sign).
And much more.

And if you want more from this special soul, check out Marias’ Special Predictions Week offer that is provided in the spirit of helping you in 2023. It includes her bestselling book to help any of you in grief.GO HERE to invest in this wonderful bundle.
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Predictions Week Session 7c Replay Recording
Crazy Accurate Inspirational Readings, WOW!
Brian Seth Hurst Profound Accurate Medium Sessions
Brian is speaking from CES in Vegas. And he discussed technology and how powerful it is. 

Brian does not do this alone; whomever he is working with, it is them that is bringing it forward… it is because of the willingness to partner that you bring.

Justice is forgiveness so that we can move on. 

The generation from 7 – 25 is so incredible; they come from a place that is for good, making a difference, and don’t have an ego. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is their approach. They know how to find the truth.

Brian dove in and did many sessions that delivered profound insights, inspirations, and new perceptions that will help you start this new year with confidence. He delivered the most incredible ideas to consider.

-- How to be under the ray of light and being ok with what is about to change. The faith you have worked so hard for is available to you now. Start to notice your own value. Brian brought up the film, “Woman Talking.”

-- How to decide and how to choose something that appears to be “locked.” Look up and beyond; you are MUCH larger than these doors … and you created these doors. It’s time to transcend cultural limitations. The locked doors are your false beliefs.

-- It’s not possible to be in enlightenment 24/7 (and certainly not healthy); sometimes a pause is needed to rest, to integrate, to gain new perspectives, etc. BOOK: Self Compassion, by Christina Neff

-- When a divine appointment comes and we don’t believe it… Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Do you realize the difference you make and do you acknowledge that you are contributing deeply? It’s time to focus on the difference you have made to so many lives. It’s time to pay attention to self-care and your body.

-- Sadness, fear, and an unseen reality that is there to support us. When we are wrapped up in our fear, we can’t receive that. We think that I have to solve it and not trust others. Time to trust yourself and your own indwelling god. Recognize your own power… the ability to create and magnetize the guidance. You must make the space to bring that in (meditation, being in nature, etc).

-- If there is confusion with people in your life and the communication has not been clear. For example, if you can’t figure out where the relationship is going…you get to ask…STOP, I don’t know where this is going, STOP, I want to know where this is leading. New kind of communication. Ask “What do I want to contribute, and what do I want to share?”

-- Institutionalized rules were confusing…You can open to the truth of what you are seeing. Moving into a relationship with an equal exchange of ideas. Let god in and always be calm (LGIABC).

-- I have satisfied the obligation of the contract, it is done. God and I are one, and we are co-creating together. BOOK: The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson

LAUNCH INTO 2023 with an acceleration program that produces results! Brian is offering THREE amazing opportunities for Predictions Week. GO HERE to sign up for any - or ALL - of these offers from Brian today.
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